For most of us, our home is the biggest purchase we make, the most beloved asset we keep, and the costliest asset we sell.

So it’s natural for us to feel quite nervous in such a consequential transaction, both as a buyer and as a seller. This nervousness keeps us from making our best offers on the homes we would most prefer. When we want to sell, we miss out on those buyers who would put the highest value on our home, not to mention the buyers who would most love to make it theirs.

Ameripact offers exactly what the modern home buyer and seller need to safely make the most informed decisions possible.
— HARESH SANGANI Founder/CEO Ameripact and a frustrated five-time homebuyer

Our vision at Ameripact is to work with the agents and other real estate professionals to increase the level of transparency and certainty for the buyers. This in turn will increase the seller's home value. In the end, both the buyers and sellers experience a less stressful transaction cycle and end up happier with their decisions.

Ameripact offers the following two services to realize this vision