Ameripact is headquartered in the Seattle area and has the sole aim of reducing risk and anxiety in single family real estate transactions. We have built our business due to the personal frustrations we experienced as home buyers and sellers. 

As buyers, we could not upfront discover and evaluate unbiased material information about the homes we were looking at.

In order to perform the due diligence on a house, besides the cosmetics, we would have had to make a formal purchase offer, have that be accepted by the sellers, and then spend upwards of $1000 dollars to get an inspection and appraisal done to finally determine if the house in question was going to work out for us.

This clearly was very frustrating because it appeared that the whole process was backwards from how all other purchases are made in life. In those instances, you first perform the due diligence and then determine whether to make an offer to purchase or not.

So, more often than not, we didn't even bother making an offer on homes that looked somewhat interesting. The end result was that we missed out on houses which could have been great for us. On the flip side, these sellers lost out on getting offers from us. They did not benefit from increased demand from more buyers and did not get the top dollar.


Another critical issue we had as buyers was that we didn't know if our lender would finance the loan to enable us to purchase our most desirable home.

Our lenders, on multiple occasions, pre-approved us using their traditional buyer review process. Despite these pre-approvals, our lenders could not guarantee that when our loans were fully reviewed by their underwriters, they would actually get approved. In our personal cases, this was especially stressful given that we had had to make offers without financing contingencies in order to beat out the competing buyers. Our best scenario was that the underwriters would approve the loan and the transaction would close. Our worst scenario would be that we could not get the loan and we would forfeit our earnest money at the same time.


To fix the lack of unbiased information problem, we came up with the Ameripact Due Diligence Packet - a solution for home sellers.

To fix the financing uncertainty, we came up with the Ameripact Certified Pre-approval, an approval that comes with the Ameripact Financing Guarantee - a solution for homebuyers.

To protect homebuyers Earnest Money, we came up with the Ameripact Earnest Money Protection guarantee.

To allow homebuyers and their agents to quickly express their serious interest in a property we came up with the Ameripact Rapid Offer solution.

By leveraging these services, we hope that those who follow us in their home buying and selling journeys will experience fewer frustrations and come out better off economically as well.